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Cut Kicked in the Butt?

Posted on: April 2, 2009 10:18 pm

So, the news has gone around and just about everyone and their dog now know about the Jay Cutler being sent to Chicago for the following:

2009: 1st round and 3rd Picks

2010: 1sr round pick

Kyle Orton

Chicago also got the Broncos 5th rounder which is actually pretty valuable in a draft this talented.

Now is when things get interesting.  Do the Broncos trade picks to be able to move up in the draft and acquire Sanchez?  Do the Broncos just sit with what they've got and address the Defense?  Does Raji end up not getting drafted by anyone in the first round because of drugs?  Will Jay have another good season with this obviously weaker offensive team?  Will the Bears regret this decision?  Will the Broncos regret this decision?  Is McDaniels time in Denver now officially on a timer?  So many questions...and it seems like the time till these answers are answered is so far away.  What do we do as fans but speculate and try to come up with our own ideas.  My favorite was a three way trade with Arizona and Carolina leaving Arizona with absolutely nothing.  In my opinion, thank goodness Bowlen took care of this as soon as possible.  I'm not sure how much speculation I would've been able to handle and how much intrigue could be developed from it all.  Oh, and interesting fact, the world is virtually 50 50 about who got the better side of the deal.  Check it out,  So, what happens next?



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